The Antibody Club is now live

You can now work through the first case study to identify which antibodies are present in MJ’s plasma, and then select appropriate tests to find compatible red cells for him.

Complete the eLearning, then join us at the Transfusion Science Symposium at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Saturday 17 October.

You can find the eLearning in Transfusion Online Learning.

The case will be presented and discussed by Chris Hogan, Medical Director, Pathology Services, Australian Red Cross Blood Service. He will also be monitoring our supporting discussion here on during the month of October, supported by other experts from the Blood Service.

If you can’t join us live in Adelaide, the session will be recorded and made available in Transfusion Online Learning.

Remember our blog will be open from Tuesday October 6 through to Sunday 1 November, so feel free to jump on, ask questions, and participate in the discussions.

Log on to Transfusion Online Learning to enrol in the eLearning and get started.